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Pass down the story of your life to the next generations

Memoir Lane is the video memoir expert. We craft with you the story of your life in beautiful and professional videos that you will be proud to pass on to the next generations.

How does it work?

After carefully preparing together the thematic modules that you have chosen, we come to your home and film you while you talk about the stories and anecdotes of your life. We then work together to edit the film to pass down to your loved ones.

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"A professional video memoir from as little as £4,995"

Our most popular themes

  • Life line: the perfect short memoir

    Life line: the perfect short memoir

    It's a fundamental module to tell your story in a wholistic way. From your earliest memories, school, college, work, relationships and of course, your greatest achievements. Transmit to future generations …Read More »
  • Politics: convictions and values

    Politics: convictions and values

    If political values have played a significant role in your life, it might be the right module for you. We will explore the figures you admires, the ideas you have …Read More »
  • A life together: your couple memoir

    A life together: your couple memoir

    Partners in life can tell their stories side by side in a memoir lane film. It's wonderful to discuss your relationship highlights together. Give your family the chance of seeing …Read More »


Make sure the story of your life and the history of your family are passed down to the next generations with a video memoir.

Easy, beautiful professional video memoirs.

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