I never got to know my father. My mother lost him in a tragic accident before I was born. All I had, growing up, were few stories and some photographies of him. But I could never see him move and talk and laugh. And I will never hear the stories of his life in his own words.

Many years later, as I was looking for a gift for my grand-father, I realised that there was no easy way to create a visual record of our lives, a time capsule for the future generations. The idea of Memoir Lane was born.

Throughout my life, both professional and personal, I've been fascinated by life stories and how we recount our family history. I surrounded myself with fantastic videographers to make sure our clients would get the best quality video, and would be proud to pass on the film of their life to their loved ones and to the next generations.

Frederique Prevost, founder and executive producer at Memoir Lane

We are always delighted to hear about your projects, so don't hesitate to get in touch and ask us all the questions you can have about Memoir Lane.

We want to help you make the film of your life.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

- Frederique Prevost

Founder and Executive Producer

For Memoir Lane I've combined my coaching experience with interview techniques from social anthropology. All of this, working alongside the best video experts to create the perfect solution for your memoirs. (See "Why Memoir Lane?")

But my background (really) doesn't stop at coaching or video production. Project Management has been at the core of my career across Finance, IT, Law and more.

When I'm not working, I'm a keen yoga and mindfulness practitioner. Those two help me stay balanced and centred in my life in general or when helping clients express their memories.

Find out more about my professional background on my LinkedIn profile here.