Over 80 participants joined us for our Launch party

What a pleasure to see you all! Thank you again for your warm wishes - gratefully received for our Memoir Lane Launch Reception.

For those of you who couldn't join us, the evening started in the perfect location: the University Women's Club, a beautiful hidden gem in the middle of Mayfair. A place full of history, where each portrait on the walls expresses the importance of legacy and continuity.

I briefly introduced how my personal story led to the development of the Memoir Lane. Our first client and supporter, Hamish Sandison, went on and eloquently expressed the importance of sharing our history. We are now working on second memoir with him, for another member of his family.

Mary Diamond, inspirational speaker, globally famous for her participation in the book "The Secret" joined me. She gave us more hindsight into the importance of shared family history.

Finally, our treat to all our guests, Gemma Sealey weaved her story-telling magic and took us on a personal journey. A journey of remembrance, following her grand-aunt footsteps and paying her a moving tribute.

Our cameraman Nick Shier and Gemma then reversed the roles and asked our guests about their family stories, asking them share some moments in their own history (for future posts!).

The evening was too short, but all our guests left with, hopefully, even more memories to tell!

With much gratitude, and looking forward to seeing you soon,

Frederique, Memoir Lane

Family tree: the story of your ancestors, your family roots
Memoir Lane Launch Reception
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