Memories of your life with Memoir Lane

Bronze Package

Price: from £4,995


A unique gift, the gift of memory

Our entry level package allows you to capture the essence of your life in a moving, focused and beautiful way. The next generations will be able to hear your voice, and remember the stories of your family before you.

We apply the same professional care to every individual story, and this package can bring out some of the most touching examples of transmission.

Make sure you let us know about your needs and budget and we can make sure we work on a solution that works for you.

What's included?
Optional extras


A hilly road across the forest: The story of your life in a video memoir

Silver Package

Price: from £9,995


The perfect balance

Similar to the Gold Package, but with only 3 days of filming - we provide the same professional result, but more focused.

We will be with you for three days filming, each one the location of your choice (London locations are included in the price). In those three days, we will have time to work on 3 to 6 different thematic modules.

The quality of the output is unchanged, and so is the dulux presentation package for your films (both the full lightly edited footage and the final short film of your life).

We host your films on a private, password protected page on our website for 2 years (renewable), to make sure your family and friends can access it easily.

As for all the other packages, make sure you discuss with us any options that can contribute to tailor the film even more closely to your needs.

What's included?
Optional extras


Gold Package

Price: from £17,995


The full story

Six days of filming, including multiple locations if desired, for example home, work place, fond memory location (travel costs are not included). Those six days give you the opportunity to get into the delicate details of your life under all its angles.

The result is a video memoir with multiple video chapters of your interviews, each corresponding to the thematic modules you have chosen.

We ensure a professional and meticulous post production, photographic compilations and inserts –  full graphics and on screen credits, editorial approval copy, delux framed presentation package. We host your films on a private, password protected page on our website for 5 years, to make sure your family and friends can access it easily.

But we don't stop there. We can discuss any extra options you want to appear in the story of your life.


What's included?
Optional extras


Ultimate Documentary of your Life

Price: Tailored to suit your requirements


Customise your memoirs in every aspect.

For this full documentary, we work with you to define the ambiance, the voice and the general needs you will have. Memoir Lane act as a producer and will coordinate with the best documentary directors, director of photography and interviewers in order to present you with a professional standard documentary.

But we don't stop at the production.

We can organise the premiere for your family and friends in the most exclusive locations, from the posters of the film, the trailer to hosting the screening, we can take care of the full coordination and make sure your big night is a real success!

"This package is unique - as is the story of your life"


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