I really enjoyed clubbing together with other member of the family. One of the great moments in the Memoir Lane we did with my father and his sister was having them talk together of when they grew up.

But the most amazing thing was that my father knew nothing of a relative that his elder sister mentioned until that very moment, and for him it was a journey of discovery of another member of the family that he’d never heard of in his entire life.

So for me, the most extraordinary thing about Memoir Lane is the interaction between people, the jogging of the memories, the extraordinary anecdotes and hidden treasures really of the deep dark background secrets in the family.

What happened in the past is lost forever unless you capture it. Not just for us and for them, they certainly enjoyed it, but also for our kids and for our grandchildren and for all the future generations of the family.

I have no hesitation in recommending memoir lane. I believe it is really important to pass on from one generation to the next the history of the family and make sure that those memories live forever.

– Phil M.

Phil organised a Memoir for his family