Social Anthropology meets Coaching meets Film Direction

At Memoir Lane, we don't simply film you, we make sure that you express the details and colours of your life in ways you thought impossible to convey.

How do we do this? Memoir Lane uses the scientific precision of ethnographers and coaches in our interviews, and the experience of creating great films for the video itself.

Ethnographers, in Social Anthropology, capture the details of an event. To do so, they create and conduct interviews to understand the complex layers of a situation.

Coaching helps individuals understand the patterns and unspoken assumptions, in order to move forward. It uses questions and discussions to highlight new angles to a situation.

It all comes together with the professionalism of experienced directors and editors who will be able to make those interviews shine.

Convey your authentic self.
You don't run out of things to say.
You take your family and friends on a journey.

Our thematic modules

The key aspect to our work together lies on your choice of focus for each interview.

We have developed an extensive collection of modules: the chapters of your life. Each of those modules focus and frame our interviews together.

Interview methodology

We help you prepare as much as possible for the interview.

  • We are here to help you chose your modules
  • We send you an extensive preparation kit with tips (in video and text) and explanations to help you prepare.
  • We discuss by phone your interview few days before it takes place.

On the day, your interview will feel more like a discussion - without anybody interrupting you!

We will ask you questions decided in advance, and also prompt you further to help you connect with different aspect of your memories: other senses, emotions, context, etc.

Any question? Ask us directly.

Get in touch, we will help you achieve your project.