Tell the story of your life, together

Partners in life can tell their stories side by side in a couple memoir lane film.

It's wonderful to discuss your relationship highlights together. Give your family the chance of seeing you together, the banter can be hilarious and moving. Share your memories, compare and contrast them to give both sides of the story.  What did you think of each other when you first met?  How did you know you were meant to be together?  

Talk about the big moments in life.  Show to the family how you are together.

It's a profoundly moving way to say I love you.  Holding hands as you laugh and remind yourselves of the good times.  

You can also share the more challenging and difficult moments should you desire.  It's the canvass of your lives together. Simply lovely.

Is it for me?

This is a wonderful module. We have crafted specific questions for both of you.  

This approach enables a perfect balance of memories to be recounted.  What's special about this method of filming is the interplay during the discussion.  

The way you are with each other tells us so much about your love and friendship over the years. Of course, it's quite important to make sure you are both comfortable with the idea.  If so, you'll be pleased with the outcome.  

Our directors pay special attention and ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. This produces a natural result and provides the future generations with a real sense of you as a couple.

A life together module. Tell the story of your life together
A life together: your couple memoir
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