Life line: the highlights of your life

This module gives an opportunity to tell your life story in one sitting, as a short memoir or as an introduction to a multi-module one.

We will film you and you tell your story in chronological order. From beginning to right now, you'll recount the story of your life in bite sized chunks so that the main highlights are captured easily.

That way you can transmit to future generations a great deal of detail about how your life has unfolded from your personal perspective.  

It's a fundamental module and the questions are designed to enable to tell your story in a wholistic way.  From your earliest memories, school, college, work, relationships and of course, your greatest achievements. The story so far..... to be continued.

Is it for me?

This module is aimed at those who wish to tell their whole life story to date. It's covering a lot of ground quickly so it's more about the details and less about a deep dive into individual relationships and memories.  

You'll choose this module when you wish to transmit to your family and future generations an overview of your life story so that there is an accurate record from your best memories.  

"A pleasant journey across your time line including your best hopes for the future and and messages your wish to live forever."

Family Life, the most important in life - pass on the story of your family.
Life line: the perfect short memoir
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