What is it about?

Deeply held political convictions and values are important in life for many people.

How did you early life shape your World view?  Did you grow up in a political family? Perhaps you rebelled and learned your politics at University or in later life?  

However you came to your political ethos, this module enables you to give a full disclosure of your strongly held beliefs.  

Perhaps you experienced a key moment where your were converted to your cause? Party politics? NGO? Voluntary organisations?  Your politics views are important to you and this is the perfect way to share them. 

Is it for me?

If political values have played a significant role in your life, it might be the right module for you.

We will explore the figures you admires, the ideas you have defended and how it has changed you, your vision of the world, as well as those around you. The core of your belief systems can certainly be reflected in your political persuasion.  

This approach enables you to explore the origins of your values and the people how have most influenced your ideas.

Pass on your values, ideas and political engagement to the next generations
Politics: convictions and values
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